Forever in this place I stand
Drowning in a sea of land
My eyes they see all around
Yet what they see I have not found

My heart it beats loudly in my ears
Echoing my thoughts and fears
I stand alone in a crowd
Their silence seems to me too loud

I can not stand all they are
Their vacant smiles that stretch too far
Their searching eyes that hope to see
Yet blind they are to all that can be

They will never know, will never understand
Why I'm drowning upon their land
For I wish only to be seen
To stop my running, stop my fleeing

All I wish is for them to know
Who I am and where I want to go
But to do this I must stand apart
Show them me, produce my heart

I wish to no longer be in the crowd
And I shout to them all aloud
Forever I shall stand alone
For as myself I am home