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Sometimes it feels hurt
Sometimes it feels inert
Sometimes it makes you weak
Sometimes it makes you squeak

Friendship is such a bond
Everyone is its fond
It is the source of happiness
But also the reason of sadness

When you closest friends misunderstand you
It feels like a blade passing through
Your life seems to be a crime
You just wait for your end time

It feels bad when your friends don’t trust you
After all you have done for them
They forget everything and misjudge you
They all just want to reach the helm

You feel sad and lonely
But no one to lend a hand
Life has treated you cruelly
You have fallen into quick sand

Slowly, slowly you lose all
And you just begin to crawl
Your infinite powers seem diminishing
The glitter of your life is tarnishing

You try to get back them
But they don’t even care
Now they are not the same
For you they have no time to spare

Promises of helping each other
In a blow just shatter
They say you aren’t the same anymore
They leave u all alone to suffer to the core

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When I Falter...

I threw my books in fury
On the table-no,it's not funny.

I'd been studying from the morning
Till it was late in the evening.

I couldn't study but ten pages.Now
you may ask me what made me frown.

Let me tell you-tell you clear
why deep in my heart,to open my book I feared.

I could never finish on time.
To me it was like a mountain to climb.

"Stay at the foot than to try to reach the top" was my concept.
Atleast in that case, I wouldn't feel lost or misled.

Furiously, I bent down on my knees.
At moments like these, there is one who can answer a 'please'.

'Lord I know you love me,I know you care.
But sometimes I wish I wouldn't feel so bad.

No matter how hard I try, I always seem to fail.
It seems my plan to study well in 10th would never prevail.

Lord help me, help me more,
So that higher I can score.

I am tired, I really am.
I really wish to be the best I can.

I really............."my prayer broke.
And from deep inside an impelling voice spoke.

"Remember a girl in 10th grade, just like you,
but she had a blind mother who

Needed all the help she could get.
The girl may have had a lot to fret.

But you...you are blessed.
You have a family,home,love

And don't forget your Father above...."
And acknowledging the presence of a Living God,

I bowed my head again and slowly said,"Thank you,dear Lord."

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Every night has a different dream
It all depends on what you have seen

It may be dark or may be bright
It may be sad or of delight

If you are having a sleepless night
Your day might not have been so bright

If you want to have a good dream
Remember to think positive before you sleep

But if your dream is sweet and long
It will be shattered like glass, by the alarm

But if you are having a nightmare
You will wake at mid-night out of scare

Every night has a different dream
It all depends on what you've seen

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My First Poem

My first poem,
I can proudly say,
Will have a clear-cut Theme,
and a thought to display.

It will regularly rhyme,
from time to time.
Readers beware,
At my poem you'll stare

And with Awe you'll see
the poem written by me.
It will move the earth,
talking about death and birth.

It will overflow with similes,
and baffle my enemies.
Yes indeed my poem you'll read,
and then, "ANOTHER ONE !!" you'll Plead.

But I'm not a real poet,
with you I was Kidding.
Writing this one,
has got my head spinning.

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Hope is a candle in the night
Hope is a long respite

Hope is a feather
Once lifted, it'll only get higher

Hope is an oasis in a desert
Hope is a diamond in the dirt

Hope is everywhere
Yet hope is scarcely there

Hope is the dream of better days
Hope is the passion ablaze

Hope is beautiful
And hope is tranquil

Hope is there for everyone
Hope is an asset that all have in abundance

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My First Day At School

Note to the reader: This poem has been written in a primary student’s point of view. It is intended to be childish. Before you read this poem, please try to recall how your first day at school was, how you felt then and how you feel now. Thank You!

I remember my first day at school.
My parents had told me that it’d be so cool.
And when I’d go there,
They said, they would take great care.
But my first day in school was like a fever.
And I shall never forget it ever.
The teachers were not so intimate
And no child wanted to be my playmate.
The behavior of the big bullying teachers towards me was cold
And they did nothing but scold.
My math teacher caught me by the ear
And all my math sums she did tear.
The science teacher taught us about nature,
But also treated me like a stupid creature.
All the class she did honor,
But she made me stand in a corner.
I ran from class unable to bear the pain,
But they caught me and hit me with a cane.
To the headmistress I was taken,
And I stood there thoroughly shaken.
She slapped me across the cheek,
And suspended me for a week.
Just imagine my plight
As I cried throughout that night.
And the next day,
I refused to go back no matter what my parents would say.
But my parents forced me and they still do,
So what do you think I can ever do?

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For some, it may be a game,
For others, a way of life.
Universally acclaimed is its fame,
For diminishing sorrow, abolishing strife.

The English started it,
From them the Aussies learnt,
In vain, was the British grit,
In agony, the bails burnt.

The Caribbeans beat them all,
Oh yes, they produced the greats.
Ambrose, Walsh, Wes Hall.
Awakened, cricket opened her gates!

Blessed be those graced,
Mother nature’s azure lands,
Those whose entire lives based,
On delivering the game to god’s own hands.

Even today the game brings tear,
To several millions across the world,
Forgetting our worries, neglecting our fears,
Into another dimension we are hurled.

Be it Lords, or Cape town,
Hobart or the gardens at Eden,
The game dons a sacred crown,
And the fields, the sanctity of heaven.

Along with mankind, the game shall evolve,
Enchanting minds, bowing heads along its way,
If there comes a time when all these were to dissolve,
Then god forbid, man lives to see such a day.

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There's someone, I know, deep down inside my heart
Someone who means a lot to me
Someone who cares, someone who loves
Someone who's always been there for me.

This someone knew me right from birth
That someone nursed me, cared for me,
Loved me, encouraged me,
Told me that I was the apple of her eye,
Said that she'd never leave me for all the world,
Showed me what is right from wrong,
and has been with me through it all.

I love her so very dearly
Her's were the first arms that reached out to receive me

This someone played a crucial role as my Mentor
She's also known as Mother, my very own, dearest Mother.

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Why Alive, And Not Be Dead?

There are many questions we know,
regarding who, what, when, where and how,
But there always are some common yet unanswerable ones,
to which even great thinkers kneel down and Bow.

One such question,
Out of the top of my head,
is this; Why do we live?
Why not be dead?

A lot of thoughts, a lot of reasons,
But think again, and now your forehead is Creasing.
So many reasons, most of them you'll buy
But you now its faulty, no matter how hard you try.

So WHAT is Life, and why do we survive?
When Misery Exceeds the So called Joy Of life?
Why do we love, when we know it will hurt,
from the time we part and never to return?

Why do we study, to get good jobs,
When we know that taking all odds,
Every single job, be it Army or Clerk,
they all require tension and hard work?

Whats the Catch then? What do we get?
For living this life, which many will regret?
I know my poems have too many question marks,
But I just want to say that life's stranger than the Stars.

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