The wind blew so strong
on my nostalgic face that day
as I stood before my school
Where my childhood memories lay

My footsteps sounded loud
as I walked down memory lane
past the corridors and classes
their emptiness cause me pain.

My trembling hands stroked
the dust filled wooden desks
my mind raced back to when
I sat here with my friends

My eyes brimmed with tears
seeing my class, my classmates
the room filling with noise and laughter
but slowly the vision fades

I long for those days
to return back to me
I want my childhood moments
that I cherished so deeply

I walk past the canteen
and the empty playground
My ears hurt as I hear
Childish laughter all around

I turn to look one last time
at the building to be destroyed
by the contractors hands; it will fall
my memories buried in the soil.