They wake me up early morning,
chirping, as if a melodious warning,
that the day has once again begun
and its time for me to get up and run.

They ask me for food to eat,
flying up and down so neat,
and as I quickly turn to see,
loudly chirping, they fly to flee.

When their food is kept in place,
they skim quickly like running a race,
peck their little bits of food,
and fly away in a jolly mood.

While I stare at them, wonderstruck
thankfully, that it was my luck,
to feed these innocent creations of nature,
who also prove to be a great teacher.

To work as one in harmony together,
and always be ready to help the other.
To never let the child in you die,
and slowly let the times pass by.
For the sun shall rise again tomorrow
and free you again from all your sorrow.

As night dawns, to their homes they take a turn
and I doze off, waiting for their return.