The lights of dawn just started to cover the sky
Birds had just started to chirp and fly
This morning was not a usual one
Its start had a special tone

The breeze near the sea shore was soothing
I felt my soul healing
The sun had just began its glorious journey
Everyone had forgotten their hurry

This was 2008’s 2nd November
A heart warming start for winter
A coffee mug was in my hand
Witnessing sunrise I had planned

Seeing the sunrise I started to wonder
But the memories of my loved ones made me ponder
A chilling sensation I felt on my eye
It was the past year’s memory that made me cry

On this day I had told something from my heart last year
Which I had till then kept in my heart with fear
Got the expected negative answer though
Still I became my own foe

Didn’t know that seven days later
I’ll become my own love’s hater
Had never expected that you will to lie to me
But my hopes became just as the dying waves in the sea

You did something unexpected
You broke the friendship I respected
You wanted to avoid me
Couldn’t you just tell it free

You shattered me and my dream
You made me see the end of my realm
Loving you I had done a great blunder
This sin just made me ponder