You are all living your lives today,
but this life is sure to end.
So why not live life the other way
and begin your life from where it ends ?

Let death embrace you first,
And wrap up with what you think is worst
then shift to your old age:
reading the news from page to page,
having morning walks at the calmest pace
and singing praises of God's amazing grace.
Snoring away on the spongy bed,
waking up and being fed.

Then come the success days:
of living in luxurious homes
and travelling abroad in Spain and Rome.
Buying Benz, Porsche and other cars
and tasting wine delicacies in exquisite bars.

These days of meeting the rich,
gaiely having a unicorn meal.
Talking of long gone days which
in your memories you tightly seal.

Next come the college times:
of flirtatious chats and looks,
of Cupid thrumming the heart's chimes.
Also of long days and nights
spent in the words of books.

Long hangouts at the 'ice cream mart'
with the princess of his heart
and laughs and giggles with the mates,
the jokes, the quarrels, the debates.

Later comes your early childhood:
the beginning of your 'schoolhood,
when cars, bikes, soldiers, balls
colours, drawings, puzzles and dolls
are the only comrades in your halls.

Also those lazy mornings and drowsy nights,
on mummy's lap. Those flying kites,
at noon before the Siesta nap.
Wondering how your life ends?
No, it's not with wailing friends
and family around you -
breathing ceased,
but by floating away in your mother's womb -
forever at ease, forever at peace...