There are many questions we know,
regarding who, what, when, where and how,
But there always are some common yet unanswerable ones,
to which even great thinkers kneel down and Bow.

One such question,
Out of the top of my head,
is this; Why do we live?
Why not be dead?

A lot of thoughts, a lot of reasons,
But think again, and now your forehead is Creasing.
So many reasons, most of them you'll buy
But you now its faulty, no matter how hard you try.

So WHAT is Life, and why do we survive?
When Misery Exceeds the So called Joy Of life?
Why do we love, when we know it will hurt,
from the time we part and never to return?

Why do we study, to get good jobs,
When we know that taking all odds,
Every single job, be it Army or Clerk,
they all require tension and hard work?

Whats the Catch then? What do we get?
For living this life, which many will regret?
I know my poems have too many question marks,
But I just want to say that life's stranger than the Stars.