Note to the reader: This poem has been written in a primary student’s point of view. It is intended to be childish. Before you read this poem, please try to recall how your first day at school was, how you felt then and how you feel now. Thank You!

I remember my first day at school.
My parents had told me that it’d be so cool.
And when I’d go there,
They said, they would take great care.
But my first day in school was like a fever.
And I shall never forget it ever.
The teachers were not so intimate
And no child wanted to be my playmate.
The behavior of the big bullying teachers towards me was cold
And they did nothing but scold.
My math teacher caught me by the ear
And all my math sums she did tear.
The science teacher taught us about nature,
But also treated me like a stupid creature.
All the class she did honor,
But she made me stand in a corner.
I ran from class unable to bear the pain,
But they caught me and hit me with a cane.
To the headmistress I was taken,
And I stood there thoroughly shaken.
She slapped me across the cheek,
And suspended me for a week.
Just imagine my plight
As I cried throughout that night.
And the next day,
I refused to go back no matter what my parents would say.
But my parents forced me and they still do,
So what do you think I can ever do?