Sometimes it feels hurt
Sometimes it feels inert
Sometimes it makes you weak
Sometimes it makes you squeak

Friendship is such a bond
Everyone is its fond
It is the source of happiness
But also the reason of sadness

When you closest friends misunderstand you
It feels like a blade passing through
Your life seems to be a crime
You just wait for your end time

It feels bad when your friends don’t trust you
After all you have done for them
They forget everything and misjudge you
They all just want to reach the helm

You feel sad and lonely
But no one to lend a hand
Life has treated you cruelly
You have fallen into quick sand

Slowly, slowly you lose all
And you just begin to crawl
Your infinite powers seem diminishing
The glitter of your life is tarnishing

You try to get back them
But they don’t even care
Now they are not the same
For you they have no time to spare

Promises of helping each other
In a blow just shatter
They say you aren’t the same anymore
They leave u all alone to suffer to the core