You hold my hand when I am weak,
And vulnerable at times.
And as you smile I cannot help
But turn my lips upward,

And duplicate the joy
Which lays spread across your face.
When I am sad or unsure,
You make me laugh.

And as you look into my eyes,
They seem to glitter and sparkle
With such energy and life
That I have never seen before.

And it makes me want to be closer to you
All the time.
And even when I am happy and content,
You are there for me.

Just in case I should happen to tumble or fall.
And as you laugh your sound carries across the room,
And it makes me want to be a better person.
As we go along together,

I realize how lucky I am
To be sharing my life with someone as special as you.
You are my everything;
My comfort, my weakness, my joy.

And I thank God everyday
For sending someone like you
To care and comfort me in times of need,
And to be my guardian angel.

For this I thank you,
And hope you will stay in my heart